Shareholder Information

SkinBioTherapeutics plc is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. The Company has not applied or agreed to have any of it securities (including its AIM securities) admitted or traded on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

Issued share capital: 128,083,494 Ordinary Shares of 1p nominal value.

The percentage of Ordinary Shares not being held in public hands is 69%.
Shares held in treasury: Nil Ordinary shares.
There are no restrictions on the transfer of Ordinary Shares in the Company.

As an AIM traded UK registered company, SkinBioTherapeutics plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers legislation.

Detailed Share Price

Symbol Last Ask Change (%) Bid Change (%) Ask Bid Ask Volume Bid Volume High

Significant Shareholders
As at 1st June 2020 significant shareholders that hold more than 3% of the share capital of SkinBioTherapeutics plc, and shareholdings of any other directors are detailed below:

Number Ordinary Shares %
OptiBiotix Health Plc 38,138,569 29.8%
Seneca Partners Limited 26,763,889 20.9%
The University of Manchester 8,000,000 6.2%
Professor Catherine O’Neill 5,256,989 4.1%
Professor Andrew McBain 4,166,433 3.3%

Director Shareholders

Number Ordinary Shares %
Martin Hunt* 466,667 0.4%
Douglas Quinn 444,444 0.3%
Dr Cathy Prescott 56,112 0.04%

*Martin Hunt’s shareholding is held through Invictus Management Limited, a company controlled by Mr Hunt. Of the 466,667 shares held by Invictus Management Limited 11,112 are held in trust for Louise Hunt and 11,111 are held in trust for Oliver Hunt.