SkinBioTherapeutics is a life science company focused on skin health. The Company’s proprietary platform technology, SkinBiotix®, is based upon discoveries made by CSO Dr. Catherine O’Neill and Professor Andrew McBain at The University of Manchester.

Consumer Study

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Consumer Study

Would you like to help us in our research?

AxisBiotix™ will be undertaking a consumer study in February 2021. It will be called the BRIGHT study. Participation will help us assess our AxisBiotix-Ps™ gut-skin health supplement and hopefully help future users. If you would like to participate in this exciting and ground breaking study please click on the link below.


The microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses – that live on and inside the human body. The microbiome has essential beneficial functions relevant to supporting life and it is a fundamental component of human physiology.

Healthcare Sectors

SkinBioTherapeutics is targeting five specific healthcare sectors: Cosmetic, Food Supplements, Medical Devices, Hospital and Domestic Surface Hygiene and Pharmaceuticals. In each of these areas SkinBioTherapeutics plans to exemplify its technology in human studies.


CEO, Stuart Ashman presenting at the ShareProphets Virtual Show on Saturday 9th May 2020